Detective Galileo obsessive, multi-fandom hyper-focus, feminism but not politics, shipping, maker of gifs/vids/graphics/fic, crushing hard on Fukuyama Masaharu and Shibasaki Kou, spamming reblogger and tag commenter. So much pretty, so little time, so many tagged spoilers.


*snort*  The Tumblr Cloud app knows what my blog is really about.

Anyway, thanks for following me, peopleActually, I’m so happy you’re all here!  I hope you’re ready for all the love I’m going to shower on Galileo and Masha/Masaharu/Yukawa.  Can’t wait until it’s April.  I’m going to have the time of my life spamming you all with pretty things.  Check my tags if you need to block anything.  *waves*  :D

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